"Pinstriped lawyers be darned. Now the rest of us have a fighting chance"

          - Dave Lieber  Dallas Morning News

From the thousands of Judges and Attorneys across the state, when the Texas Supreme Court needed a leader for one of largest court Reforms in Texas history, they Chose Judge Russ Casey.

As of August 31, 2013, the Justice Courts and the Small Claims Courts in Texas have been combined. The goal was simple enough- keep what was working and change what wasn’t. The difficult part was that to reach this goal the entire Justice Court system had to be redesigned. Millions of cases across the state would be affected and it had to be done right.  From the thousands of Judges and attorneys across the state, the Texas Supreme Court chose Judge Russ Casey as chairman of the task force. As chairman, Judge Casey was in charge of rewriting the book on how Justice Courts are conducted in Texas.

The process was long and difficult, but worth the effort. Texas now has a true People’s Court. Designed specifically for people to be able to represent themselves, even corporations are not required to have an attorney. Designed to be straightforward, low cost, and common sense-oriented; Texas’s Justice Court is being heralded by conservatives across the nation as a model for what a People’s Court should be.
In a state filled with conservative judges, being considered one of the cream of the crop is a big deal. Judge Casey is recognized as one of the best JP’s in the state by his fellow Judges. The state of Texas is the shining star of the nation. It is the best place in the world to run a business and the raise a family. It didn’t happen by accident. In the March 2014 primary, vote to re-elect Judge Russ Casey.

Tarrant County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3